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UK Geography
By Superior
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #95

This is a program to test your knowledge of the geography of the British Isles. It is divided into five sections, each designed to test a specific area. There are two finding sections, two naming sections and a section to locate mountain ranges.

The first two deal with the location of one hundred towns in the UK. In part one a map of the British Isles is displayed and a flashing light gives the location of the town to be named. You are told how many letters in the name and then you type it in. I found this section to be very intolerant. Newcastle and Newcastle-on-Tyne were not accepted, the answer required was Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Find the town reverses the last section. You have the same format as parts one and two, but you use counties instead of towns.

The final section deals with locating named highland regions. You have to put a small dot on the region specified - rather like spot the ball. Overall this program could have been a lot better.