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Amstrad Action

By Martech
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #20


Uchi-mata is a combat simulation of judo practice. This is in no way a game for martial-art game freaks, but is aimed more at past and present judo freaks.

The main part of the game is practice. This helps you to repeat throws and discover new ones. The instructions clearly show you how to do the standard throws, like tomoenage, o soto gari, uchi-mata and de ashi barai.

What I like most about this game is that its throws are as difficult as those in real judo. I know because I did judo for a while - so there!

After practising, feeling that you are now capable of a full fight, you can challenge an opponent, in an attempt to work your way up from white to 10th Dan. You face your opponent and gingerly step toward him. The faster you grab his judogi, the better a grip you will get. This proves to be very important. As in proper judo, throws are awarded: ippon, waza-ari, yuko and koka, depending on the success of the throw - that is, how much of your opponent's back hits the mat. Of course, if you do an illegal move, you can be penalised by varying degrees from keikoku chui'shido to hansoku make (disqualification).

I like this game very much, though I admit that I am speaking from a biased point of view, as an ex-judoist. However, I think anyone would appreciate the smooth animation and the clarity with which the throws are represented. This is almost good enough to make this program a good training guide for low belt-grades.

Sound is not too bad, but it is unfair to expect good sound in such a simulation.

First Day Target Score

Become competent at the basic throws through practice.

Second Opinion

Not being a judo fan it took me a while to get into the action. It's quite enjoyable once you know what you're doing but will still appeal most to the judo enthusiast for the rest of us, combat games have been done to death. A pity about the flickery animation, but the graphics are still good.

Green Screen View

No difficulty playing.


Graphics 61%
P. Good depiction of characters and throws.
N. Animation is flickery.

Sonics 18%
N. Just a few effects.

Grab Factor 62%
P. Lots of different moves to learn.
N. If you haven't done judo, it's complicated!

Staying Power 70%
P. It takes a lot of practice to get good and find new moves.
N. Won't hold interest for non-judo fans.

Overall 65%
P. Good introductory instructions.


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