ZX Computing

Two New From Melbourne House
By Melbourne House
Spectrum 48K

Published in ZX Computing #16

Two New From Melbourne House

Two of the latest books from Melbourne House are aimed at the advanced user.

Advanced Spectrum Machine Language is written by David Webb and is aimed at programmers who already have some knowledge of machine code programming.

The book contains many machine code routines which can be included in the reader's own programs. The programs range from changing the colour of the screen and border, horizon movement, etc to animation and pixel fine movement.

At £6.95 this seems a useful book for those who've cracked the basics of machine code and want to go a step further.

Advanced Spectrum Forth is a book which I found useful. I've dabbled with Forth but never really created a complete program in this language.

This book talks in practical techniques and is full of useful suggestions. Although fairly general in application it is specifically aimed at users of the Abersoft Forth program, also marketed by Melbourne House.

Worth looking at if you intend to use Forth rather than simply experiment with it. The price is £8.95 which may deter many.

Both are available in bookshops or direct from Melbourne House, 39 Milton Trading Estate, Abingdon, Oxon OX14 4TD.