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Two Gun Turtle
By Lothlorien
Spectrum 16K

Published in Crash #4

Two-Gun Turtle

In the middle of winter a turtle is defending his strawberry patch against a variety of marauding bugs. Some go for strawberries, some go for the turtle. The turtle, for his protection, is armed with a gun - one, not two as the title might suggest, but that doesn't make any difference to this very fast game. Bugs stealing strawberries, pick them up and sidle off screen, but if they are shot, then the strawberry drifts back to its place.

The game is played out against a calendar starting in October. As each month passes, the type bug changes. It's already snowing slightly, but as winer nears, larger snowflakes fall and these may be picked up for bonus points.

The strawberries, twelve in all, float in a neat three by four block at the centre of a black screen. In the background pixel drops of snow fall. The monsters float in from both sides and the turtle may move all over the screen shooting in the direction of movement, but only horizontally, although he can move in eight directions.


Control keys: user-definable
Joystick: almost any type via UDK
Keyboard play: very responsive
Use of colour: very good
Graphics: very good, very fast
Sound: good
Skill levels: progressively difficult
Lives: 5

Comment 1

'The graphics are nicely detailed, well drawn and move smoothly. They are also fast, and have to be as this is (almost) unplayably fast. I like the falling snow in the background and the explosions are very good. The bugs are super-intelligent, homing in on you in a gang if they can. The difficulty of firing in the direction of movement in a fast game is that you have to work ever so hard to keep far enough away from a bug to be able to turn and fire at it.'

Comment 2

'If you've got exceptionally fast reactions and the stamina of an elephant, you'll probably enjoy this game with its colourful, smooth and detailed graphics. The bugs change every month, not during a break between screens, but actually as the game is playing. Each bug has its own characteristic, the skulls, for instance, are ruddy deadly and come straight for you. It manages to be fairly addictive, but also irritating, because you don't last very long.'

Comment 3

'The graphics are nice and big and very fast. In fact the whole game is fast. I suppose the idea of a flying turtle is novel, but the game is quite simple in itself. Hard to play though, you certainly have to move like greased lightning to shoot anything up and when there's two or three bugs it can be almost impossible to shoot them up in a row. Not bad, certainly worth a try to see if you like it.'

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