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Tutankamun's Revenge
By Bug Byte
BBC B/B+/Master 128

Published in A&B Computing 5.05

Tutankamun's Revenge

At times it seems that Bug-Byte has lost their way - one moment great instant classics like Plan B, the next sub-standard releases. No discernible, no market strategy.

Take this latest release - disc only. Whoever heard of such a thing? And, apparently, they were dithering right up to the last minute about whether to release it at all. Well, be pleased they did. Now this is nothing outstanding, you should understand, but it will idle away a few fleeting hours and may even win some rabid support.

Imagine the scenario - the pyramids of the ancient Egyptians. Lots of treasure, lots of traps and curses and all sorts. Just right for an arcade adventure, wouldn't you say? Of course you would.

Tutankhamun's Revenge

Not that the gameplay will necessarily enthrall you - platform games have been around for too long for that.

No, what is intriguing is the way that some rooms change with hidden doors opening when you collect treasure elsewhere. There's more than simple navigation and jumping involved here.

Couple that with a nifty little screen designer and you have a pretty good package for the money. Play the game but beware the curse of the Egyptian kings - even if it takes 80 years, it will get you in the end!

Dave Reeder

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