Mean Machines

Turtles: Foot Clan
By Ultra Games
Game Boy

Published in Mean Machines #8

Turtles: Foot Clan

The Turtles are back in town! The evil Foot Clan has been up to its usual nasty tricks, and only Donatello, Michelangelo, Leonardo and Raphael have the skills to stop them and rescue poor April.

Starting in the streets of New York City, the player selects one of the Turtles to begin the search for the missing reporter. He then travels from left to right across the landscape, using his weapon to slash foes wherever they appear. Button B controls the jump, and each amphibian can somersault as well.

The action soon switches to the sewers, where the Heroes feel even more at home. Strange bird-like creatures attack and only the bravest of Turtles can hope to fight through and rescue his main squeeze!

Eatin' Pizza

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Fall Of The Foot Clan

Every so often vanquished baddies leave behind useful goodies. These are in the form of slices of pizza that restore a few boxes of lost health. Although each Turtle starts with eight segments of life force, they tend to disappear rather rapidly...


It's really hard to believe that another good Turtle game has been released, but Nintendo once again rise about the hype to give up a great slash-'em-up. Foot Clan avoids the problems of the Gameboy by making the sprites large and well-defined, and the gameplay is fun even if a little repetitive after a while.

One for Turtle fans everywhere!


This has got everything a turtle fan could ask for - great graphics, excellent sound and loads and loads of action! The game is thoroughly enjoyable, and offers plenty of challenge - even the most seasoned of beat-'em-up fans will find the going tough!

If you're into the heroes with half shells, put this at the top of your shopping list.