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Amiga Computing

By Rainbow Arts
Amiga 500

Published in Amiga Computing 60


There are any number of platformers knocking around as we all know, and although fewer in number, shoot-'em-ups aren't exactly a rarity either. One game that manages to combine the best elements of both is Turrican, an eons-old affair from the "where are they now?" Germany company, Rainbow Arts.

There is some story about evil warlocks, terrible nightmares and a general threat to mankind, but it all pales into insignificance when the action begins and you proceed to make your way through the thirteen levels of violentastic platformery.

Looking for all the world like a metallic psyborg-type person (which indeed you are), you have an impressive choice of weapons with which to dispense of your foes.

Mines, forcefields, multi-shot cannons and a huge laser mean that even the saddest of gamesplayers is ensured at least a few minutes of mindless violence before one of the many enemies turns you into dogmeat.

Contemporary games of this ilk offer pretty much the same thing, but a feature that stands out in Turrican is the ease of use: all weapons can be implemented using just the Fire button.

Scrolling throughout is top notch, and considering it's nearing the ripe old age of four, Turrican's animation of the levels and sprites is not to be sniffed at. A different tune accompanies each level, and again they're not half bad.

There is barely a break in the action all the way through, and should you find it too hard going, you can always fall back on the option of turning yourself into an indestructible gyroscope!

Add in power-ups aplenty and the odd secret level and what you have is a truly fun and addictive game that shows only the slightest signs of its pensionable age.