Computer Gamer

Turbo Esprit

Publisher: Durell
Machine: Amstrad CPC464

Published in Computer Gamer #15

Turbo Esprit

This game puts you behind the steering wheel of a Lotus Esprit Turbo, in pursuit of drug runners. You drive down streets that rush towards you in 3D, in a similar manner to the old Sega Turbo game.

The main battle plan is to chase after the delivery cars, avoid the hit cars, and eventually get the armoured distribution van.

To see what's happening you have a map of the town that you are in; this shows your position as well as the position of the enemy cars, fuel points, and pedestrian crossings.

Turbo Esprit

Once you have spotted your target, you can use the map to pursue him. Once you have him you can either shoot him (fairly dangerous - you can crash into the wreckage), or for more points you can take them alive by bumping into them four times. This makes them surrender to the police and yields more points, though the high speed chase through the streets is extremely dangerous.

Occasionally hit cars come onto the screen - these are extremely dangerous and try to shoot you. They can be dispatched by the same methods as the drugs cars.

To play, the game is very good. Buildings flash past at incredible speed, petrol stations turn up every now and then. Pedestrians walk along the pavements and cross over the pedestrian crossings. And the other cars do believable things. By this I mean that at traffic lights, the other cars will obey the lights, and turn corners and stop/start as the mood takes them. This is a great advance over most road games where you don't get this type of realism.

Turbo Esprit

Even if you find yourself stalled and across the opposite side of the road, if any oncoming cars have room to slow down and stop they will. Rather than just smashing into you as any other game with less thought put into it would.

Driving the car is an acquired art. Turning corners, down right streets is worst, lamp posts always seem to get in the way!

I think that this game is excellent. It is as near to a computerised cop car chase game as is possible. Owning a fairly fast car myself, this is one game I can really appreciate.