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Home Computing Weekly

Turbo 64
By Limbic Systems
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #89

Most HCW readers will have seen the marvellous Atari machine in which you drive a car in a Grand Prix. Several software houses have brought out copies on home computers.

In this game, you are in the driving seat of a Grand Prix car. You see through the windscreen and your view is of the road coming towards you. The use of graphics is very neat and the effect is extremely life-like. Even the road signs become larger and more legible as they approach you.

The idea is to lap at the highest speed possible. Your score is a combination of average speed, accuracy of driving and correct choice of gear.

You have the choice of two circuits, automatic or manual gearbox and number of laps. I was disappointed to discover that there are no opposing cars to drive against, but the game is quite a challenge in spite of this drawback.

The game comes with an anti-pirating device which involves inputting colours which you must read off a chart which comes with the game.

Overall, not a bad game, and quite challenging.