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Home Computing Weekly

Trouble In Store
By Orpheus
Oric 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #98

For me, Trouble In Store did not have a good start; it took several attempts to load. However, once it did go in, the game turned out to be enjoyable.

The theme is this - you are the manager of a large store and are troubled with a nightmare. Your products are floating about, and you must rescue the takings in the till. You have to collect a key, then move to the till to collect the day's takings. If you collide with a moving object, then you lose a life, and have to try again. Once you have the money, you jump to the ceiling, and go on to the next screen - the next floor of the store.

Great claims are made about the originality of this game. The idea might be new, but the concept has appeared in other games; but not for the Oric computers. It's fairly amusing, but I'm sure better will come from Orpheus in time.


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