Your Sinclair

Trivial Pursuit: Baby Boomer Edition

Author: Marcus Berkmann
Publisher: Domark
Machine: Spectrum 48K

Published in Your Sinclair #18

Trivial Pursuit: Baby Boomer Edition

Hey, babe. It's the sixties. Groovy. Fab. Let's hang out down the discotheque, man. S.I.G., Captain Scarlet. All you need is love. plus a Porsche and about £60,000 a year.

Yes, it's the latest collection of Trivial Pursuit questions from Domark, the Baby Boomer edition. This one's designed to appeal to people born in the post-war baby boom, those years of gloom in the fifties when there was nothing to do except have babies. Baby boomers know all about the sixties, mainly because they were alive and out of short trousers at the time. (But were you? We'll come to that later.)

So this third set offers 3,000 teasers, posers and puzzlers to add to the 6,000 in the original Genus and Young Players editions. Gasp! What a mountain of trivia! You can buy it in two versions - the deluxe pack, with the original game included (£14.95), and the basic question set (£7.95). There are new categories: Broadcasting, Stage and Screen Nightly News, Publishing, Life and Times, and RPM (pop music, in other words). Typical questions are Which two Rolling Stones sang backing vocals on 'All You Need is Love'? In which Hitchcock film did Grace Kelly stab her assailant with a pair of scissors? Which county did Mike Brearley captain when he was captaining England? (Answers: Mick and Keef; Dial M For Murder, Middlesex.)

All good clean fun. My only query is, do we really need this third set? Six thousand q's should be enough to keep you going, and then there's the question of expense. So far, you'll have spent £30.85 to acquire a complete set of TP questions: is that really worth it?

And of course there's the most pertinent question of all. How many Speccy gamesplayers are baby boomers, born between 1945 and 1958? Not an awful lot, I would wager. Still, if you're a sixties freak, you'll love this. Even if you aren't, there are still some questions here you may be able to answer. But if you've already exhausted the 8,000 quezzies already available, and you're looking for a more general set, this ain't it. Wait for Genus II, which I'm told will be out in the autumn.

Marcus Berkmann

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