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Amstrad Action

Treble Champions
By E & J Software
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #49

Treble Champions

Inside everyone who watches football there's a Ron Atkinson, or even a football manager, struggling to get out And every touchline general dreams of glory by winning the triple: League and FA Cups, as well as the first division title. Challenge Software want to know: can your team become Treble Champions?

With nothing more than boxed titles to look at you're launched into a league season with very little idea of what's going on or what to do about it (sounds like Bobby Robson!) The instructions supplied are abbreviated into a deconstructed morass of senseless jargon, made all the more incomprehensible by tiny print, so your first game is bound to be an unmitigated disaster.

The game must go on, though, and you soldier through gradually getting the hang of what to do and when. There is an allotted amount of time between games which must be spent coaching and training players, as well as going poaching from teams in other leagues.

Excitement almost sneaks in during a match, as you watch a ball by ball commentary. but is again stymied by your lack of real influence (two subs per game and that's your lot!). But watching the other team chalk up a 9-1 victory with no indication as to how to avoid such thrashings in the future soon gets aggravating.

Just another management simulator, its main feature - efficient programming - not being enough to make it noteworthy. Outclassed by the likes of Kenny Dalglish, this game has arrived too late.

Second Opinion

You'd be a real fan of footie-strats to want this one. And to enjoy it you'd have to be the number one fan.

Green Screen View

No pictures, so no loss.


Graphics 40% N. Just names in boxes.

Sonics 0% N. What sonics?

Grab Factor 30% N. Slow starter with poor instructions.

Staying Power 62% N. Five divisions, hours of play.

Overall 49% Staid, but does the job.

Trenton Webb

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