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Blast Annual

By New Generation
Spectrum 48K

Published in Blast Annual 2020 Volume 2


The life of a dustman (aka Trashman), may not be as boring as you think. You've got dogs, usually reserved for posties, biting your legs, cyclists on the pavements, people getting tipsy after a visit to the pub whilst on the job, and being run over by vehicles that are quite frankly ignoring the speed limits for a built-up area.

Your job is to empty each street's bins before you run out of time. You gain time by chatting to the homeowners after you return their empties. Walking on grass loses time quicker and homeowners ignore you. If you get crippled by a dog bite or a cyclist you move even slower. The same can be said when you're carrying a full dustbin on your back. This is back in the 80s where there were no automated emptying machines on the back of the dustcart.

The graphics of the houses and gardens are nicely detailed, and the 45 degree angle looking straight on' type of viewpoint works very well. Audio is limited to the odd spot effect, although there's quite a loud, startling noise when you're hit by a car. It takes game design and programming genius to turn this occupation into a fun video game. I believe the sequel didn't do so well because it was not close enough to being an actual job.

Trashman is one of those games that you grow to love more as you play it. I still play it now, 35 years later.

John Davies