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Personal Compuer Games

By New Generation
Spectrum 48K

Published in Personal Computer Games #7


Trashman is an entirely original game, with great graphics and some very amusing touches.

You have applied for the job of trashman. Your task is to collect the bins from outside the houses, take them to the waiting van, dump the contents, and return them whence they came. Your first day's work calls for you to empty just five bins in Montague Road.

Well believe me, it *is* a day's work. As you frantically rush up and down the street, your bonus is rapidly shrinking. Once it reaches zero, you are given a warning that you had better work faster in future or else. You are then given the same assignment all over again.

Every time you tread on the grass or bump into a hedge, your bonus reduces dramatically. The way things are, you have only just enough time to complete the task - and then only if you do it faultlessly.

Imagine my horror then when having finally managed to empty the bins in the allotted time, I was rewarded with the prospect of emptying *six* bins in another road. At that point I gave up in despair.

Trashman has some very nice touches. Some of the houses harbour horribly yappy little dogs that run out and bite your leg. People invite you into their homes for all manner of reasons and cars whizz to and fro along the busy street. The trouble is you're too busy emptying bins to stay in the game to appreciate these finer points of programming.

Emptying bins in real life is hard work. Trashman is no different. Don't expect to do well at this game without putting your back into it.