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Home Computing Weekly

Transylvanian Tower
By Richard Shepherd
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #52

This is advertised as a spine-chilling adventure with spectacular 3D graphics. Well, it didn't chill my spine, and I don't see anything spectacular about a view of three walls of a room.

It is basically a maze game. The first stage is a very straightforward maze through which you have to find your way, with the assistance of a floor plan which you can look at as often as necessary. The next three stages are remarkably similar mazes, but a few complications start to creep in: there are various objects to find and vampire bats to kill, and views of the floor plan are not so readily available. On level two, shooting the bats is very easy, but it gets harder as you go on.

If you have the time and patience to find your way through four different mazes, then you are rewarded on level five with a chance to kill Count Kreepe and find his treasure. You'd have to be unusually keen on mazes to get this far, though.


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