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Tournament Snooker
By Hard

Published in Home Computing Weekly #125

Snooker simulations are available for virtually every decent machine. Now Einstein owners can get their hands on a very good snooker simulation.

On booting the disc, rather a neat representation of a snooker table pops up and on pressing SHIFT-I, you are taken into a most comprehensive set of instructions. After 10 pages, I finally started the game.

On pressing SHIFT-Q, the cue pops up in the vicinity of your white ball and its direction may be changed easily (according to the instructions, it may be altered in steps as small as 0.17 degrees!). To make a shot, you press the space bar twice. The strength of the shot is determined by the time between the successive presses. The balls move smoothly and quickly although it seemed much too difficult to actually pot a ball!

During a game, you have all the usual options such as top spin, back spin and side spin as well as an option to ask your opponent to play a f~)U1 shot again and an option to concede. Surprisingly, there is also an option to save the game. I felt this option was slightly over the top but it just goes to show how much thought went into the design of this game.

Overall, I enjoyed Tournament Snooker, - this does not automatically mean that you'll enjoy it too. But, if you like this style of game, you won't find a better snooker simulation for the Einstein at the moment.