Home Computing Weekly


Author: G.M.
Publisher: Remsoft
Machine: Jupiter Ace

Published in Home Computing Weekly #14

Two excellent utilities from Garry Knight and the Jupiter Ace Users' Club (£1 off prices for members). No loading problems - spot on every time - and some really clever programming which you can use the Ace's LIST facility to study.

Toolkit's Scan command displays any 16 bytes of memory, giving the addresses in both decimal and hex, the data in both and as an ASCII character followed by binary.

This display can be moved up with the 6 key, down with the 7 (but the documentation has them reversed).

There are also facilities for poke, mem and base shift, plus a machine code definer.

Screenkit consists of a set of machine code routines for screen handling - left and right scrolls with and without wraparound, plus us and down. An impressive demo program can subsequently be deleted to save scarce bytes, and any individual facility can be selected out for inclusion in your own programs. You cannot have both programs simultaneously in 3K memory, as there are only 226 bytes free when Toolkit is loaded originally.