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Computer Gamer

Tomb Of Syrinx
By The Power House
Spectrum 48K

Published in Computer Gamer #25

Tomb Of Syrinx

This is a budget arcade adventure and, oh boy, does it show! You have entered the Tomb of Syrinx and must try to escape with your life intact and whatever treasures you can acquire.

The game consists of a large maze which you must explore as you try to find the five keys that are the key to escape. Armed with only a laser gun, you need to protect your against various hazards as you wander around the maze. You walk into some of these, other materialise after you have been stuck in the same spot for some time.

The graphics depict a fairly crude representation of a temple/tomb and seem to consist mainly of piles of bricks and Greek columns. The main problem with the game though is not the graphics but the scrolling or rather lack of it. Every time you move, you have to wait for the screen to catch up with you. The result is jerky and frustrating, and not the sort of thing that you expect in 1987. After all, it's not as if scrolling is a particularly new or difficult technique. My advice? Go and spend your money elsewhere. This game is dreadful.