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Home Computing Weekly

By Tomorrow's Dream
BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #100

Titan is a utility, mainly for the machine code programmer, and offers full monitor and debugging facilities.

The utility works by setting up 'windows' which correspond to addresses in memory, and also displaying the contents of the registers at each point. There are a variety of commands enabling the user to alter the 'Field Pointer' to the various windows, to move and alter memory blocks, and to alter or read individual locations.

There are arithmetic routines to calculate combinations of location values, and a complete hexadecimal and ASCII dump facility. Most of the facilities seem standard, but several have interesting functions. The machine code relocation routine alters code to run at the new address, and a single-stepping graphics mode is provided, which is invaluable. Also in the package is a complete intelligent disassembler which can distinguish between data and code.

This has bad points, but it does offer a range of useful functions. Anyone needing a utility of this kind will be unlikely to do better.


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