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Home Computing Weekly

Tiny Logo
By Softchoice
Sinclair ZX81

Published in Home Computing Weekly #66

Tiny Logo, it would appear, is a sibling of Logo, a computer language developed, I believe, at that august seat of learning, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Logo is described as easy to learn, fun to use, and quite capable of handling serious computer applications. If that is the case, one could be excused for wondering why home computer manufacturers didn't incorporate the language in the computer system in the first place.

This version, presumably tiny because it has to fit into a 16K ZX81, takes you beyond the rigid confines of the Basic supplied courtesy of Sir Clive. At least, that is what the booklet says.

Using the ubiquitous turtle to draw the graphics you type in "Forward 20, Right 90 and Forward 10" to get the turtle to draw a large letter L on the screen. The tiny booklet - what else? - supplied, gives comprehensive instructions for using the language, and is easy to follow.

However, it seems expensive to me.