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Tiger Mission
By Kele Line
Commodore 64/128

Published in Zzap #23

Tiger Mission

Tiger Mission puts you at the controls of the latest in chopper technology. The objective is to negotiate four vertically scrolling levels to reach and destroy an enemy base, which is situated on two aircraft carriers on the final screen.

The helicopter is initially armed with a cannon and one smart bomb - the former is activated by pressing the Fire button, while the latter is released via the Space bar. The first level consists of a forest landscape, and features spinning mirrors, tanks, gun emplacements, ground-to-air missile launchers, and harmless ground installations - all of which must be destroyed or avoided.

Extra equipment can be picked up along the way, including more and extra bombs. These additions are hidden under red cross boxes which are dotted around the landscape. Shooting a box reveals the equipment hiddden underneath, which is then automatically 'bolted-on' to the helicopter's fuselage. However, some boxes have been booby-trapped, and destroying one of these removes all of your helicopter's extra equipment.

A bonus is displayed at the bottom screen, increasing as you progress - reaching the end of a level earns you the total bonus, which is then added to your score.


This is a very slick and glossy piece of programming, but it's a shame that it wasn't used on a more original and exciting game.

Tiger Mission is yet another in a long time of vertically scrolling shoot-'em-ups. It's fun to play for a while, but annoying factors like the sluggish speed of the chopper, and having to start a level all over again when you die, give rise to frustration and eventual disinterest.

The graphics and sound are very good, and the presentation is excellent - but there's no disguising the limited gameplay.

If you're after a vertically scrolling shoot-'em-up, I recommend that you take a look at the others before deciding to buy this one.


A very simple game hides behind dramatic presentation, and when compared next to another vertically scrolling shoot-'em-up like Alleykat, you realise that there really isn't much excuse for churning out this sort of monotony.

As far as it goes, it's quite addictive, with good graphics, smooth scrolling, and reasonable playability - but it's certainly nothing to write home about.


Having endured five vertically scrolling shoot-'em-ups last month, I'm not overly enthusiastic about seeing another one. There's nothing at all original or innovative about Tiger Mission - it's just the same old thing with a new name.

The pace is slow, and the in-game soundtrack tends to interfere with the action. The landscapes are plain, uninteresting and shallow - even the chopper's shadow doesn't create any feeling of depth. I would have thought that an "up and coming" new software house would want to make an impact by producing something more original and impressive than this formulaic tedium.


Presentation 89%
Very pretty, with some neat programming tricks used to create an exciting look.

Graphics 80%
Very good, although a little bland colour-wise.

Sound 68%
The soundtrack is good but doesn't really suit the action.

Hookability 69%
Straightforward, simple and fairly compelling.

Lastability 49%
Only four limited levels to complete.

Value For Money 42%
Pricey when compared to games of a similar ilk.

Overall 51%
A well-presented, but fairly tame, shoot-'em-up.