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By Audiogenic

Published in A&B Computing 3.12


Another very playable game by Peter Scott, with a very loose Citadel feel to it.

The game's action takes place in a medieval castle but, through some bizarre leap in programmer's logic, the central hero Spreco is in a space suit!

Basically, you must explore the castle and discover what to do with various objects left lying around - one will open a door, etc. The animation is satisfyingly large, the detail good and the puzzles amusing: which of the eight characters you meet require which object?


To simplify the game, objects can be collected or given simply by being on the same screen as the character and most can be used in the same way, although a few do require more precision of movement.

Certainly this is a lot of fun and very playable but the lack of subtlety and complexity (very noticeable after games like Citadel) do mean that this will never be regarded as a classic.

That's a shame. I'm impressed by all of Scott's work and this is a very well-programmed and designed game that should satisfy all but the most picky of games players!

Dave Reeder

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