By Encore
Amiga 500

Published in Computer & Video Games #105


Gasp, shock, horror, the evil Mumm-Ra has kidnapped several members of the Thundercats team, and stolen the Eye of Thundera! Only you, Lion-O, possess the strength and courage to defeat Mumm-Ra, and his many minions, save your friends and retrieve the Eye. Controlling Lion-O, you must battle your way to Castle Plundar and save the day.

Well, battle isn't really the right word - more like, run so far along a horizontally scrolling screen and either chop or fire at oncoming enemies. Inadequate weapons, lack of agility and merciless collision detection mean the bad guys get you first, and progress grinds to a halt.

This becomes annoying in the extreme after numerous attempts, and average graphics and sound don't help to improve matters any. A re-release that's definitely showing its age.


A single combat move and repetitive play make this a pretty dull game. For avid fans only.

Atari ST

The same game in every department, so the same criticisms apply here.