Publisher: Elite
Machine: Commodore 64

Published in Computer & Video Games #74


Thundercats Ho! If you've been disappointed by cartoon character games in the past then you could be in for a big surprise. These cats are definitely cool - and the game is addictive enough to make you purr with pleasure!

Thundercats is a Rygar-like scrolling hack 'n slash epic. Fast-moving and packed with action, the game grabs you from the moment you load it up. Attractive graphics, nice animation and good sound and gameplay that gets you grabbing the joystick for more, more more!

The Amstrad and Spectrum versions have been created by none other than the highly experienced team at Gargoyle Games - and, true to form, they have come up with a little gem. And the C64 version is pretty neat too!


If you're a fan of the TV cartoon, you'll know all about the team of cat-like folk who inhabit a fantasy world and bat the evil Mum-Ra and his nasty henchmen, the Mole Men.

In this game, Mum-Ra has stolen the Mystic Eye of Thundera, the last remnant of the Thundercats' once proud planet to Lion-O, the T-Cats main man by the elders.

The jewel gives Lion-O's Sword of Omens all its powers - so you can guess he's pretty mad with Mum-Ra. On top of all that, Lion-O's mates, Tygra, Panthro and Wilykit have been imprisoned by old Mum-Ra and Mr. L wants to save them as well.


This is the task that confronts you when you've loaded up the game. Easy? You're joking. You're going to have to move fast, be quick on your feet, as agile as a cat and quick on the draw with the mystic sword if you're going to succeed.

There are no less than 14 levels in this game, levels of varying difficulty and packed with different hazards. From the Fertile Plain to the Final Battle, you'll have lots to do - and I'm betting you're going to need an infinite lives POKE to see the end of this awesomely challenging game.

Watch out for the Mole Men and other assorted baddies, beware of vanishing bridges and the useful Nosediver - a high-powered jetbike - in the Garden of the Fire Elementals, level four to you!


Enemies come at you from all sides - beware those that chase you. Don't hang about waiting to kill them - keep moving! On the Spectrum version, you generally outrun these nasties - but the Amstrad and C64 baddies seem to move faster! Maybe me reactions are slowing down...

Don't forget to collect the extra lives/weapons etc hidden in various objects dotted along the way.

You'll recognise these objects when you see them - they are about the only things that *aren't* behaving in a hostile fashion! They are disguised as shields, vases and even skulls.


You'll need all the extra lives you can get your paws on - so build them up earlier, easier levels in preparation for the horrors to come.

Brilliant graphics, a driving soundtrack by Rob Hubbard and superb action make Thundercats a real winner - and we're not just saying that because we had a tape on the front cover last issue either!

If you like the arcade games Rastan Saga and Rygar then you're going to want to add Thundercats to your collection - all the versions are well wicked. I reckon it could soon collect the same cult following as Ghosts 'N Goblins - and we can't wait for your maps and tips to start flooding in.