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Amstrad Action

By Encore
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #50


See the cartoon, play with the toys, eat the crisps and now... another chance to play the game. A fast paced hack 'n' slash jamboree Thundercats is head and shoulders above most other cartoon/computer cross overs. As Lion-O, you are in search of the eye of Thundera, a jewelled sword sacred to the Thundercats.

This little trinket has been tea leafed by Mumm-ra and his Molemen. Getting it back involves crossing fourteen very varied levels of high speed monster mashing and trap dodging. Lion-O runs along a horizontally scrolling corridor jumping and ducking objects and enemies. There are bonus weapons to collect and a whole host of monsters to kill. Three sub-games bring in the rest of the team who have to be rescued - Tygra, Wilykit and Panthro.

Digitised pictures, parallax scrolling and great music boost up this already strong game. The only drawback being the graphic's obvious Spectrum origins. Still, they move well and the pace soon has you ignoring these limitations and concentrating on survival. It's simply the best budget game on offer!

Second Opinion

Well, it's not that good. A highly playable yet essentially simple game that will have you coming back time and time again. Outstanding incidental graphics well worth the long loading time.


Graphics 85%
P. Digitised pictures.

Sonics 60%
N. Title tunes are OK.

Grab Factor 90%
P. Gets very tough, very quickly.

Staying Power 86%
P. 14 levels to chop it up on.

Overall 86%
P. The best of the cartoon spin-offs.

Trenton Webb

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