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Through The Trap Door
By Piranha
Commodore 64

Published in Zzap #34

Through The Trap Door

Berk, Drutt and Boni have decided to journey further into the creepy domain of the Bad Tempered Thing by going through the Trap Door.

The player takes charge of both Drutt and Berk, and swaps between them by pressing the Fire button. There are four regions to negotiate, and progress is made by solving a series of puzzles and avoiding the castle's less friendly inhabitants. Keys give access to later sections, and there are sweets and toadstools which are consumed to give Berk special characteristics.

Progress is made by using the two characters together, since the smaller Drutt can gain access to places that Berk cannot reach.


The player is given only 'partial' control - one of the characters wanders off by himself when he is supposedly under your control. There also appears to be a problem with the placement of the main characters - sometimes they stand on the floor, other times, a character square beneath.

This makes some of the movement immensely difficult, and often leads to terminal joystick, keyboard, television and chair failure (depending on the level of frustration).

Simply put, don't buy this game. It's horrible.


The characters are well presented and the graphics are splendid, but unfortunately the game itself is incredibly frustrating.

Berk is unwieldy and Drutt is bordering on the uncontrollable: you're constantly battling the slow response time and the fact that he wants to rush off and eat worms!

Considering the precision that most of the game requires, this is practically unbearable. After several heated attempts, I had to give up, teeth gritted and white knuckled. Even Ice-cool Jaz smashed a joystick to bits in his frustration!

Not recommended.


Presentation 68%
Poor instructions and reasonable in-game presentation.

Graphics 82%
Big and very nicely animated characters, but the backdrops are a little bland.

Sound 32%
Poor effects throughout.

Hookability 45%
Frustrating control system provides a major hurdle to the first time player.

Lastability 38%
There's plenty of game to be had, but the final solution is obscure and playing is more a question of endurance than enjoyment.

Overall 44%
A very disappointing sequel to The Trap Door, and a difficult and unappealing game in its own right.