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The Winning Team
By Domark
Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Sinclair User #112

The Winning Team


Teamwork always gets the job done! A couple of dolphins will take on several sharks and drive them away in a Transit van when they work together (one of them has to steer and the other works the gears). And Domark's tried and tested games make this compilation a winning team too (but there's not one single fish in it!)

There are five titles on offer here. A.P.B, Escape from the Planet of Robot Monsters, Klax, Cyberball and last but not least, Vindicator. This compilation has to be something of a scoop.

A.P.B., or All Points Bulletin, as it is known to those who watch too much telly, is a crazy, car bendin', cop caper, where you assist Officer Bob (the man on the job) in apprehending a variety of common and/or notorious criminals. This is done over sixteen one day shifts. Each day has a time limit and if Bob can't catch the assigned number of baddies, then he won't earn any bonuses and might even get fired!.

Escape From the Planet of the Robot Monsters, is a fast paced Shoot 'em up that'll scare the pants off anyone who hasn't seen every single one of Arnold Schwarzenegger's action movies. There are so many tasks to carry out, so many robots to destroy and lovely ladles to rescue that it's just as well this game is adapted for two player mode.

Klax is as good here as it is on any other format, though it does depend on individual taste. If you are not a fan of puzzle type games it might be more frustrating than mum switching off the computer before eleven. Gameplay is better under keyboard control as this is far more precise - like a well-aimed swipe from mum - and although the colours can get a little confusing, Klax is a classic puzzler and definitely a worthy addition to the Team.

I must admit I'm not crazy on Cyberball - it's basically American Football with a futuristic storyline, and although I'm a big A.F. fan there's just a bit too much technology here and not enough gameplay. There are an amazing amount of options for offensive and defensive plays and what with players and balls exploding (ooo-er) all over the place it's a pity the game isn't a bit faster. However despite this, Cyberball is still one of the best American Football clone games available on the Spectrum.

It's truly amazing, give a man a tank and he thinks he can take on the world!. In Vindicator you get a chance to do precisely that. Your Job is to repel Invaders from space in an amazing tank called the SR-88. The game's an entertaining vertically scrolling shoot 'em up with simple control procedures and lots of opportunity to have big gun duels with Enemy tanks. Wham, bang, ptoosh, git that alien invader before he gits you - that's why they call you the Vindicator.

Label: Domark Memory: 48K/128K Price: £14.99 Tape, £19.99 Disk Reviewer: Alan Dykes

Overall Summary

The Winning Team is a winner because Domark have given us five good games. Definitely one for the collection if you don't already own more than one of these titles.

Alan Dykes