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The Way Of The Tiger
By Kixx
Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Crash #61

The Way Of The Tiger

Gremlin's epic beat-'em-up was originally released in May 1986, and based on the solo-roleplaying books of the same name.

The game uses a strange 'triple-scroll' effect to display the horizontally-scrolling play area. The background is split into three layers: the front layer is where the main action happens, while background effects like birds flying occur in the other two layers. This ingenious technique complements the Samurai sword-fighting. The many martial arts moves at your disposal are accessed in typical beat-'em-up style. Only by defeating all the challengers in all three levels are you elevate to the elusive status of Ninja.

All the graphics are very detailed and beautifully animated, creating a wonderful atmosphere in which the excellent beat-'em-up takes place. This is a piece of software of the highest quality and a great buy at the new low price.

Phil King