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Home Computing Weekly

The Unit Trust Program
By Michael Slatford
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #83

This is a 30K storage program for business people, or those who invest in unit trusts. We are welcomed and invited to ENTER a number of cards between 10 and 50 and then offered the Main Menu of: Fill in Cards; Review Investments; Update/Sell Investments; Amend Information; Analysis; Printer Option and to SAVE 'Unitrust'. A third screen gives the opportunity to delete frame.

If Option 1 - Fill in Cards - is keyed then the screen has at top right 'Card No', then information on the trusts bought; e.g. dates, offers, etc. To fill these in the program requires answers to ten questions such as: Name of Company, Name of Trust, Offer Price, Amount Invested. It then works out the percentage change since last distribution, Annual percentage Change and Total Yield.

There is no sound, but a careful use of colour makes the cards restful to the eyes. The analysis options cause it to calculate quickly the performance of the investments and it will accept over £1 million!

A very useful package for an investor wishing to keep track of the family fortune.


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