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The Trader Trilogy
By Pixel
Sinclair ZX81

Published in Home Computing Weekly #5

In this space-adventure game, you are an entrepreneur visiting the six planets of the Meridien system: The aim is to return safely to your starting point while maximising your profits.

The main program is preceded by a short memory test, which also sets up a block of control data. Thereafter prompts are given to load each part of the trilogy.

The loading procedures are described in an amusing accompanying booklet. This also contains, besides a trading certificate, an account of the planetary system, its several curious types of inhabitant, the commodities they deal in, recommended support equipment, and dangers to guard against.

The program itself offers an enjoyable mixture of text and graphics, and contains several different sorts of games that could be marketed separately.

Arguably, Trader is just a shade overpriced. But it's cleverly devised, nicely presented, and if you're feeling indulgent, well worth considering.