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The Superior Collection Volume 1
By Superior
BBC B/B+/Master 128

Published in Computer Gamer #26

The Superior Collection Volume 1

A new type of compilation, neatly served up by one of the best BBC games houses. It's so simple that it's a wonder that nobody else has thought of it - package seven games from your back catalogue with a new game that is, perhaps, not quite strong enough to stand alone. Instant value, instant hit.

Superior, of course, do have a fairly impressive back catalogue to draw on, leaving aside the first couple of years worth of releases. They have chosen well for this first collection - beware, incidentally, of Volume 3 which is Electron only.

Two recent smashes, the classic Repton, first in a seemingly endless series, and a very popular kung-fu game. Karate Combat; five earlier and still very playable games, Star Striker, which is similar to the recent Moon Cresta; Airlift and BMX On The Moon, which are fairly poor; Wallaby, an intriguing platform game, and Smash And Grab, a rather confusing platform game, all feature.

Good value so far but there is also the extra attraction of the latest game by Gary Partis, Syncron, a vertically-scrolling, fast moving shoot-'em-up that was rejected by another software house due to the very fast gameplay. Fast? Well, I've been playing a pre-release version for about three months and it still zips past me unless I'm feeling very alert.

The object of the game is, of course, to shoot the hell out of everything whilst trying to avoid certain fixed points on the complex landscape - buildings, enemy ships etc are all targets for your destructive powers.

I found the game very playable but can see Superior's point about its possible lack of appeal across a wide spectrum of games players. However, the collection and Syncron make for such a package that I can't imagine any of you not making plans to buy this volume... and Volume 2 as well!