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The Snowman
By Quicksilva
Spectrum 48K

Published in Computer & Video Games #30

The Snowman

You've seen the cartoon on Channel Four. You've read the book. Now play the game!

The Snowman, a book without words by Raymond Briggs and a beautifully animated film, has been turned into an arcade-style game for the Spectrum. There are also plans to computerise Raymond's other books - including children's favourite Fungus The Bogeyman and the extremely depressing picture version of the aftermath of nuclear war called When The Wind Blows.

Getting back to happier things, The Snowman is set at Christmas time. You are the young hero and have first to build the snowman.

To do this, you must travel round a Manic Miner-type of screen collecting little heaps of snow. You then drop them over a certain spot where they will pile up and gradually take the shape of the snowman.

Once the snowman is completed, your next task is to collect his clothes like tie, trousers and braces. The third level will ask you to equip him with balloons and a skateboard.

Travelling around the screen with you are some flickering flames, just like that character from the gas adverts. Running into one will do you no harm at all, but if you happen to be carrying some snow then it will melt and you'll have to find some more.

You can get round this problem by finding an iced lolly which will freeze the flame and gain you extra points.

You'll also need to find regular supplies of food, as your energy level ticks away at the bottom just like Manic Miner. As the game is set at Christmas there are plentiful supplies of turkey and pud.

I liked this game a lot. The graphics are great - and the title screen has got a wonderful picture of the snowman to look at while the game loads. It's very playable, although I often found control quite difficult. The character has to be perfectly central in the columns before he can move.

If, like me, you're one of those who can't stop singing "We're walking in the air", the theme tune from the film, all day then you'll love this.

The Snowman is produced by Quicksilva and runs on a 48K Spectrum. It costs £6.95.