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Amstrad Action

The Scout Steps Out
By Amsoft
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #1

The Scout Steps Out

The scout is dressed in woggle, baggy shorts and silly hat in a very novel game at a scout camp. His task is pretty difficult to pin down (what are scouts for?) but he has to collect badges, mushrooms and seaweed amongst other things from the screens that surround his camp.

He starts with all his mates enjoying some camp fire music where he stocks up on cornflakes to give him a maximum nine lives. From there, he has to follow an arrow off screen to the start of his journey. The arrows and ladders lead him to a succession of platform type screens full of interesting effects.

There are of course posses of anti-scouting creatures after him and, while some travel in patterns, others home in on his presence. The sea screens have an interesting effect whereby you float to the surface unless you can cling to some weed or a chain.

You can return to the cornflake bowl to build up your lives but on hard screens it is easy to lose them very fast.

Good News

P. Distinctive and attractive screens and animation.
P. Good music on start screen and sound effects.
P. Interesting platform variant.
P. Great sense of humour.

Bad News

N. Control can be fiddly.