Big K

The Runes Of Zendos

Author: Sean Cox
Publisher: Dorcas
Machine: Spectrum 48K

Published in Big K #12

The Runes Of Zendos

Sequel to Oracle's Cave, perhaps the first animated adventure, Zendos is a series of twelve adventures working on two different levels. On the simpler level, it presents a series of problems to be solved as your man roams corridors, climbs ladders and confronts various animate and inanimate obstacles. The same problems recur in different sequences in each adventure so, in theory, once you've solved them in one adventure, you can deal with them pretty handily in all the rest.

However, on another level, your task is harder. At the heart of each adventure is an hourglass in which Zendos has imprisoned a month, disrupting his neighbours' lives no little. To release them, eventually getting to the final screen, you must translate the runic inscription on each hourglass. In other words, what you get is a neat, if fairly simple, animated graphics adventure combined with a rather less simple job of code-breaking.

Sean Cox