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The Return Of Sock
By Spectrum Adventure Exchange Club
Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Sinclair User #68

The Return of Sock

Space, the Final Frontier... Though not to the writer of this adventure, who takes his life in his hands in this highly unoriginal plot by taking the mickey out of the venerable Star Trek. All the obvious rib-nudging name changes are made - you are Captain Burke, there is the Sock of the title as well as Zulu, Potty, Phones, Checkoff and all the others.

But somehow the atmosphere manages to transcend this unpromising wit. Return of the Sock is a busy little adventure, offering a lot of exploring - and a fair amount of objects, though not many that seem to actually be of any use. Unusually, there are lots of other characters around, although these don't seem to have much 'pseudo-intelligence' as promised in the blurb. Presentation is generally on the rather dull side, and the GAC has been used to create some fairly ordinary pictures.

The Return Of Sock is a reasonable attempt at a good price - but do we really need another Star Trek parody.

Overall Summary

Reasonable value and atmospheric. But is the world ready for another Star Trek spoof? Probably not.

Tony Bridge