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The Pit
By Interceptor Micros
Commodore Vic 20

Published in Personal Computer Games #9

The Pit

One of Interceptor's latest releases was China Miner, a fiendishly difficult platform game with excellent graphics and sound. Now this new game takes us in the opposite direction; down, down, down. Set in the jewel pits of 'Karma', The Pit from Interceptor looks very impressive indeed.

The game begins with your large and graphically pleasant spaceship landing in the top left-hand corner and the player appearing below it armed with some sort of digging device.

Your quest is to retrieve at least one large jewel by tunnelling and running to the bottom of the pit and then returning. If you return without a large jewel the crew will not take you to another pit (undisciplined bunch!).

There are three main dangers in attempting this: two robots that kill on contact, boulders that fall when you dig under them and dozens of hammers that drop as you try and retrieve the large jewels. The more jewels you collect the bigger your bonus on leaving.

While battling through that lot, you must be wary of the tank that is blasting its way through a wall to try and force your space-ship to leave without you (a cleverly disguised time limit!).

Sound is good outside the actual game with a short rendition of 'The Entertainer', at the start and a few bars of 'Congratulations' if you beat the high score. Unfortunately, game sound is disappointing and consists of little more than a few bursts of white noise.

My only slight quibble is with the poor joystick control, and although the keys are easier they are poorly chosen.

However, The Pit looks set to be another winner for Interceptor.


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