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The Pit
By Stainless

Published in Home Computing Weekly #39

The Pit is a text adventure in which you must explore a maze and recover a maze and recover various items which enable you to make your escape.

To enter The Pit, you must give a password, which seems rather pointless.

When the program starts, the following is displayed on the screen: "The west gate behind you the water of a lake is bubbling speak friend and enter". Very strange!

This would lead you to think that "friend" (if anything) is the password. Indeed, when H (for help) is pressed, the computer displays "You missed the message. It was 'say Friend and enter'". But when "friend" is entered, the computer displays "Wrong"!

Only after examining the listing, I managed to find the correct password.

There are only a few simple commands that can be used in The Pit. These are N, E, S, W (for the directions of the compass), T for picking an item up, and RUN and FIGHT which are used when you come across a nasty beast.

A good idea which is used in this program is a time limit. The time starts at 2,000 and decreases by one every second or so.

This is not a bad adventure, but it is far inferior to others that I have seen in the same price range.


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