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Home Computing Weekly

The Pettigrew Chronicles
By Shards
Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #89

Before you faint at the price, I should explain that for your money, you get attractive book-style packaging with two cassettes. Each cassette holds two substantial adventure games, so at £2.50 per game you cannot fault the value for money.

You take on the mantle of Rupert James Pettigrew, secret agent extraordinaire and your mission is to rescue five fellow agents and find the legendary Safras sword. Each of the four games are separate adventures in their own right, linked by the common theme.

In parts, the adventures are mixtures of semi-arcade games, together with the conventional text style approach. I found this quite novel and a refreshing departure from the norm. In addition the games have a clock - one hour = one minute - and I wondered what would happen if I sat around and made no keyboard input. After a long wait, one of my agents was "bumped off", so the game goes on whether you participate or not!

I found one or two minor rough edges programming-wise, but on balance I liked this mixture of puzzles, games and text adventure and felt it represented good value for money.