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The Pepsi Challenge
By U. S. Gold
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #40

The Pepsi Challenge

Take a can of the fizzy stuff, throw in a team of programmers, ask them to come up with a game, shake them all up and what do you get? A sticky mess, or a Pacman variant?

You play a small blobby thing on legs that wanders around mazes eating pills and avoiding ghosties (sound familiar?). There are plenty of mazes to go through and some zap-game bits to make it a little different/weirder.

Most of the screen is taken up by the four way scrolling playing area and a score and lives panel. The playing area itself is very large for each level covering several screens.

The Pepsi Challenge Mad Mix Game

The zappy bits come in the form of special corridors in the mazes you can enter and when inside you change into a laser base and can blast any ghosts, Space Invaders style, that come too near. Pacman has power pills and this has squares that change you into something else: big hump-backed things and little red guys are two of your forms.

On the title screen, there's a brilliant little ditty and there are also the occasional tunes within the game itself. Losing a life provides one. Sound effects are well done. The graphics are colourful and nicely animated, with some humorous sprites.

Not the most original or difficult game, but it's pretty and it should keep younger players busy and happy for many hours. Maybe a little over-priced, but still worth considering.

First Day Target

The Pepsi Challenge Mad Mix Game

30,000 points.

Second Opinion

Must take issue with Gary on this one. I enjoyed it, and so will anyone who doesn't demand lots of ketchup and vigilante violence with their games. Recommended.

Green Screen

Tricky once in a while.

The Verdict

The Pepsi Challenge Mad Mix Game

Graphics 73%
P. Bright and colourful with cute sprites
P. Smooth four way scrolling

Sonics 64% P. Nice tunes and functional sound effects.

Grab Factor 67%
P. Simple to play. Ideal for younger readers.
N. Perhaps a bit too easy though.

Staying Power 64%
P. Plenty of mazes to go through.
N. Lacking in sophistication.

Overall 65%
P. Great fun and no blood...
N. but vigilantes won't enjoy it.

Gary Barrett

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