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The Munsters
By Alternative
Spectrum 48K

Published in Your Sinclair #61

The Munsters

No, not Kylie and Jase, but that weird family of blue-tinted B-movie stars (well, telly stars, actually) from absolutely ages ago in what appears to be another one of those re-release thingies if I'm not very much mistaken. Basically it involves the four Munsters - five if you 'count' the dragon (chortle) rushing around their flip-screen monochrome haunted house (not haunted by themselves, but by the baddies) trying to a) find each other, b) find the car, c) drive to hell and d) rescue Marilyn, a friend captured by the old Duke (that's right - Ken Dodd). You control a different Munster per level incidentally.

Sounds like a piece of cake, right? Er, no. Well, yes, I suppose it is pretty easy, it's just that it's sooooo blinkin' tedious - it just takes so long to move from room to room 'cos you have to spend all the time shooting things to avoid losing energy. On the plus side, the graphics are clear and large, and the sound's quite good too, but that isn't really much use when the game suffers from complete boringness. Not recommended (unless you like crap games, that is).

Rich Pelley