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The Munsters
By Again Again
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #60

The Munsters

There's a good chance that if you remember The Munsters, what you are really remembering is The Addams Family [Idiot! - Ed]. This confusion notwithstanding, the cast of the oldie prog appear in this budget game. It is set at 1313 Mockingbird Avenue, their scary home. The house has been invaded by various Ghosts, Ghouls and Undead folk. Marilyn, The Munsters' little [When did you last get your eyes tested? - Ed] girl has been kidnapped by these ectoplasmic nasties. You, as Lily the Vampire, must firstly free Herman (remember them all now?) and Grandpa. Next you control them to find Eddie and Marilyn.

The characters have little fireballs which need to be aimed up or down to throw at the spooks. Spooks killed add to the spell power of the person you control. What this spell power does is a bit of a mystery, as it is very difficult to get off the first level to utilise it. This is the biggest problem; the game is very hard. No matter how many ghouls you Dispose of, more appear and sap your energy until you die!

The graphics are large but can get confusing, and the receptiveness of the joystick isn't perfect. This contributes to the difficulty considerably. The Munsters' tune plays continually and the bish-bash noises are fine.

All would be quite acceptable for a budget game if it was possible to progress easily. A game like this should get harder the further you go, but The Munsters is difficult from the outset. Still, not a bad game when all's said and done, though. It does get better, but you'll really have to persevere to find out.

Second Opinion

It looks fun at first, but the difficulty's well dodgy unless you're incredibly persistent.

First Day Target Score

Try for Level Two!


Graphics 54%
P. Bold colours and ghostly sprites.

Sonics 58%
P. SingalongaMunsters!

Grab Factor 46%
P. It starts promisingly...

Staying Power 20%
N. But see how far you can get!

Overall 33%
P. Difficult, but fun little budget.

James Leach