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Computer Gamer

The Magician's Curse
By Gremlin
Commodore 16

Published in Computer Gamer #23

The Magician's Curse

Having established yourself as one of the best treasure hunters in the business, you are chosen to explore a strange uninhabited land that no ordinary mortal would dare enter. Rumour has it that an evil magician once ruled there and left behind a priceless golden statue and other treasures that would make a welcome addition to your collection.

The land into which you must venture is divided into 48 screens. To get to the statue, you have to collect seven talismen located in different areas but there are also certain other objects that must be located to reach the final screen.

Firstly, there are three different potions, all identical in appearance but each serving a very different purpose. There is a magic potion that reveals concealed passages, a poisonous potion that decreases your strength rapidly and lastly a health potion that is an antidote.

Also scattered around the 48 screens are keys to open locked buildings, a candle to help you to search underground and some goblets to drink to replenish your strength.

Starving vampire bats, apples falling from trees, water and a series of forcefields all stand in your way in this challenging game. A satisfactory standard of graphics and sound combined with eight skill levels of enjoyable gameplay make The Magician's Curse a very worthwhile buy.