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Home Computing Weekly

The Magic Sword
By Database
Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #95

This is a pictorial/text adventure especially for the younger age groups, but what ages fall within the group is difficult to determine. Unless a child is playing under parental supervision, they will certainly need to be able to read.

There is a booklet, with the story in it, and it begins "Once upon a time...". It it all about Princess Poppy and Prince Fred, and a wicked witch who turns poor old Fred into a frog. Alright, it may be a well-worn theme, but I am certain that small children are still enthralled by it. It is not too difficult a game for youngsters to understand, and there is not infuriating maze to get lost in.

At times I found there was an unfortunate choice of paper and ink in some of the scenes. I can only hope that younger eyes than mine are not troubled by the combination.

For the younger elements, a charming game, which I am sure they will enjoy playing. Perhaps a little overpriced to an old cynic like me, but what price a child's enjoyment?