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The Magic Roundabout
Spectrum 48K

Published in Computer & Video Games #40

The Magic Roundabout

Dougal was in the Enchanted Garden of The Magic Roundabout. As always, he was trying to find some sugar lumps to eat, which someone had scattered over the ground.

"Look," said Dougal. "Someone's left all this sugar around. It's just what I need to keep my strength up while I'm trying to build my house."

Brian arrived. "Hello Dougal," he said. "Hello Brian," said Dougal. "Don't touch me," said Brian. "Or you'll lose a life. That's what happens in these computer games." "Pardon?" said Dougal. "Do you mean that I can't touch anything that moves?" "Got it in one," said Brian.

Mr McHenry shot past on his trike. "Can't touch me either," he panted. Ermintrude appeared. "Well, hello dears," she said. "I hope you're all enjoying the game. Whoever drew me is pretty good with computer graphics."

Dylan arrived. "Hey man, what's all this excitement?" he said. "Can't I get back to sleep?" Dougal appeared. "I don't know why you're so happy," he said to Ermintrude. "You may have been drawn well but I look like a loo brush. And the screen scrolling is awful. Now, if you'll excuse me I've got a house to build. And I'm almost out of sugar."

Florence appeared. "Hello everyone," said Florence. "Hello Florence," said Dougal. "Are you in this game as well?" "Yes," said Florence. "Seems we all are."

"I told CRL that I could have done some better sound effects for this game," said Dylan. "But they wouldn't listen. Now hear what they've done to it. It's awful."

"Bother!" said Dougal, rushing past. "I'm out of sugar and I've used up all my lives. I bet the game will end now."

He heard a springing sound, and looked up. "Time for bed," said Zebedee.