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The Kingdom Of Klein
By Epic
BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #45

I was very interested to get my hands on this cassette, as one of the features it boasts is full sentence input.

This is a step forward in adventure game programming, which means that you can actually communicate your instructions to the machine in reasonable English, rather than in the stunted two word manner that most adventures understand and demand.

This game does have the feature. But it is of very little use, as the program often ignores the sense of the words, simply accepting the first word it understands - and there are previous few of those, unfortunately.

The Kingdom Of Klein

So I was very disappointed before I really got going, and I haven't found much to excite me yet!

The game is obviously well structed but the descriptions are very short. I could find little to grasp n to and tended to wander around with very little idea of what to do next.

The game doesn't have a Help feature and doesn't use a split screen either.

I can therefore only conclude that this is a game for the experienced adventurer and not for the beginner at all. For adventure veterans, the game plays well but is rather uninspiring.


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