Amstrad Action

The In Crowd

Author: Trenton Webb
Publisher: Ocean
Machine: Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #44

The In Crowd

Not so much the In Crowd as the Extremely Violent Gang. Ocean's collection will have blood running in the streets if Wm. A.C. Smith is any judge, as eight of the fastest and most destructive games known to the CPC gather together for your pleasure.

The star has to be Barbarian, a good indication of the quality of the games included in the package. These are not just a few warmed up leftovers, but some of the best games produced over the past year and a bit. You can choose between beating someone senseless as Karnov or learn how to do it properly at the Combat School. Admittedly there are two turkeys in the form of Predator and Karnov but even these are fun to play for a while.

Trenton Webb

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