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The Immortal
By Electronic Arts
Amiga 500

Published in Computer & Video Games #108

The Immortal

Lend an ear to my tale, my friends - and ready yourself for a story of terror and constant endurance against the odds. It started with the disappearance of my aged wizard mentor - Mordamir, famed wizard of the Crimson Keep. The last that I'd heard of him was that he'd begun to explore the mysteries of the dark labyrinth, seeking to gain yet more mystical knowledge in his quest for Enlightenment. But the dungeon was jealously guarded by a huge fire-breathing dragon, and the tidings that I received about Mordamir's condition were far from good.

That was all so long ago that I wondered what had happened to him. All I had to base my adventures on were some scribbled notes that Mordamir made before his untimely disappearance. It was up to me to enter the dungeon and use all the skills and spells that my master taught me in order to overcome the warring goblings and trolls, and combine my power with Mordamir's against the dragon.

Levels of trap-ridden danger had to be conquered before the final confrontation. On the first level I encountered lethal goblins intent on my immediate death. Thankfully, I located a fireball spell which I used sparingly against my foes. Amongst the more lethal of the dungeon's denizens were Shades - a form of life invisible to even my magically enhanced vision. Only by lighting torches and tracking their shadows was I able to avoid them and make good my escape.

The Immortal

I unearthed a map which told me of all the locations of traps on this first danger-fraught level - but too late! The ground gave way before my feet and I plummeted downwards. Krang!! My magical staff hit the edges of the pit and stopped my descent. Only with quick thought and cunning was I able to swing my way up to safety...

But then, what next? A seemingly impassable chasm - only a shard of sunlight could trip that mechanism in order to let me pass. I would've had to wait over a thousand years for the light to hit the mechanism if it wasn't for the almost mirror-like amulet I'd found earlier. A quick reflective blast was enough to see me through to the next even more lethal level of the dungeon.

And that, my friends, was only the start of a truly fantastic adventure...


The Immortal

Let's make no bones about it - if you have the honour of owning a 1Mb Amiga, then The Immortal is simply an essential purchase. The whole feel of the product is faultless.

The puzzles require simple lateral thought (none of this "use the plutonium on the toaster to create a thermo-nuclear missile" rubbish), and the incredibly user-friendly control method means that actually doing what you want to do can be done with the minimum of bother.

What can I say about the visuals? Well, try "beautiful", "exquisite" and "superbly animated" for starters! The atmosphere generated by these quality 3D isometric graphics is simply unsurpassed, beating even Cadaver into a cocked hat. The sound isn't bad either, with an eerie organ-type number enhancing the atmosphere still further.

The Immortal mixes the sophisication of the best arcade adventures with the classic Knight Lore-style gameplay - what further recommendation do you need?

Richard Leadbetter

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