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Your Sinclair

The Ice Temple
By Bubble Bus
Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Your Sinclair #12

The Ice Temple

'Brrr. Razor's the name, Nick Razor ... What am I doing here? Well, it was bad enough that some little squirter pinched my Space Cruiser and hyperspaced off with it, but did they have to leave it on this godforsaken ice planet? Jeez, it's cold. Oh why did i have to stumble on the aliens' plan to destroy the Earth? Now I've got to stay here until I can sabotage their evil plot. And there's an icicle on the end of my laser pistol...'

Nick never really wanted to be a hero. But if he doesn't stop the aliens, who will? He's got to find and destroy the nuclear elements buried deep within the ice caves. Do you remember a game called The Covenant, or maybe one called Lunar Jetman? Before your time, eh? Well, okay, the principle is that you have a man in a jetpack, and it's his solemn duty (nothing to smile about, this jetpacking) to collect the eight pieces of the reactor and dump them down refuse chutes. To do this he must find his little space ship, and explore the 900 rooms of the ice Palace... yes, I said 900. Using teleports to get to inaccessable portions of the maze, he has to destroy all the aliens and robots that attack him, 'cos if his forecefield gets depleted, his suit will explode. (Urgh! Red wallpaper looks so tacky!)

It's funny really, but it doesn't matter how many different versions of this game I have to play, I still think they're triffic fun. And with 900 rooms to visit, and lots of things to kill, I think you will too!

Phil South

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