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ZX Computing

The House That Jack Built
By Thor
Spectrum 48K

Published in ZX Computing #19

The House Jack Built

This program presents you with nineteen screens of cartoon quality scenes which you must discover and explore to find the hidden objects. Not content with having cats or dogs for pets, Jack has a selection of very vicious monsters who wander around killing him on contact. The graphics are very well drawn and the animation is good. However the infamous Spectrum colour attributes problems which causes colours to overlap is rather evident, something which is almost unavoidable with the brightly coloured screens of this program.

The actual insert instructions contain an unforgiveable error, the keys mentioned are ZX:/ for LRUD, in actual fact they were QWOK in my version. A joystick option was provided.

Control is good. Jack moves positively and accurately. Some of the entrances and exits need specific directions to operate, you can move freely from location to location without having to collect the object first and many of the locations are ingeniously designed.

I enjoyed the program for about an hour and then got bored, I have considered re-running it from time to time but never got round to it. There doesn't appear to be enough variation in the action to make it really addictive. This would be an excellent game for those who enjoy the maze/chase type of programs with excellent graphics.