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Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #53

The display is a blank screen with a centre square, about half screen size, looking like a frosted web woven by a geometric spider. A demented scribble on square edge is, apparently, your spacefighter - at least it moves when you press the keys. The promised Trackers, Animines, Swirls and Snarks start centre web as small spots and, travelling towards the edge, expand into larger dots or crosses or purple v's.

Moving anti or clockwise round the edge, you fire your laser-cannon into quadrants or drop one of your two Star Smashers, obliterating anything inside the square. After a little of this, the screen clears, warns you to avoid meteors, lots of little travel centre to edge - end of game. Exciting, eh? Survival to the end with lives gives you two more Smashers and a game repeat. Two more scribbles up left indicate lives remaining and two block graphics up right show Star Smashers in hand.

Truly original graphics and the impossibility of positioning due to ultra-responsive keys make this a game to be remembered, so you can avoid it.


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